Emails not answered ?

      Emails not answered ?

      I ordered a couple of HAG 536 parts for a re460 back in April through Zuba-Tech ...
      to date no sign of the items ...
      I email HAG on a number on occasions to find a delivery date ... but not of My emails were answered.
      I did not know what the problem is at HAG .....
      Is there nobody there did speaks English?
      Anyone got any clues?

      Peter Clare

      Hi Peter

      To be quite honest, I don't know. What I can offer is to assist you to solve the problem. I'm conviced that there is only a missunderstanding somewhere.

      OK, let's get back:
      - your order is placed at Zuba-Tech. Did you get something like an order confirmation?
      - I assume that Zuba-Tech had to get some of the spare parts from HAG first
      - HAG is exclusively selling their goods over the distributor network, therefore you hardly will get some info concerning a deal between HAG and Zuba-Tech.
      - However, can you forward your mail conversation to me (,

      I'll see what I can do for you, at least I can talk to the people in charge at HAG and Zuba-Tech. If there is a lack of language capabilities, I will act as a translator ...

      I will dig out the paperwork tomorrow..
      ​I do have an unrelated question...
      When I draft a message............
      when it appears on the forum..some of the words have been changed.....and bits missing...
      Is there a reason why this happens ?


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